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Intelligent Material

Die deutsche Version gibt es hier (Blog der Dialog Reggio Landesgruppe NRW)

Sponges, cardboard rolls, plastic cups, tea bag tags – everyday objects, which become throw-outs after use. Children instead can breathe new life into these objects. Inspired by several projects from Reggio Emilia (Italy) and by impressions of early childhood education and care (ECEC) centres in Germany in June I called for pictures with everyday objects as material in Early Childhood settings. Today I can share a selection of the examples I collected:

Abundance and variety are important characteristics of this kind of material when used in ECEC settings (Thornton und Brunton 2014). Thus the „Tageseinrichtung Oase“ in Fröndenberg offers a large amount of ice cups. As the picture shows, they can be arranged as a wall or pile. Correspoinding ice spoons – a penny good as well – can be used to place patterns as the picture shows. Continue Reading